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May 22, 2008



'Long time no blog' -- You make me smile!! That sounds like my grandmother who was an outstanding gardener in what is now Slovokia. Our spring in the north west has also been wet and cool... with just a bit of sun. Truly we are enjoying the GREEN grass, usually scarce in Montana... because our average rainfall is only 12"/year.... the wet spring is a welcome site! I have a website that I am sure you and your readers will be interested in-- it covers most all areas of gardening. Fool proof gardening
you might say! ENJOY!


If it's any comfort, it's not too late to plant a bunch of stuff like squash, cucumbers, tomatoes... I recently got my cucumbers in, and am still putting in squash and beans.

I had to re-start my cucumbers and squash inside with peat pots b/c the seeds I planted this year never came up; I think they must have rotted in the ground.

My tomatoes, which were planted a while ago, are only now beginning to take off; I think it's just been too cool for them. (I'm in Southern MD)


Oh, I've got a bunch of stuff planted in my kitchen garden: tomatoes, peppers, winter squash, haricots verts, basil, lettuce and chard.

I just don't have as many flowers as I would have because I start most of those by seed indoors.


I am your neighbor of sorts: in College Park. I would appreciate your advice on Sweet Peas. Am determined to grow them, by Henry Mitchell guidelines. Any Ideas?

small garden ideas

I really missed planting because I have been very busy lately with work though I plan to do it when I have my vacation next month. Thanks for sharing this, the pics looks great.

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