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I started gardening seriously at the ripe age of 41 when we moved to this large property. It was a blank slate of old farm field with small patches of woodland. Over the past 10 years or so, I have planted many, many trees, including 3 crabapples, a crape myrtle, 6 River Birch, 10 ornamental cherry trees, 12 White Pines, 6 hollies, 6 viburnums, and one golden wheeping willow. There is also a small orchard of 8 semi-dwarf fruit trees my husband planted from whips.

I garden pretty much all organically, though I have been known to occasionally use Round-Up in some areas. The three acres around the house are kept reasonably tame, while the other 3 acres farther out I am letting revert to woodland with only some mowed paths. For this task I use a Gravely garden tractor--it's beltless and it cuts through anything, including lots of brambles.

I've enjoyed taking photographs from childhood, when I bought my first camera with money saved from relatives' birthday and Xmas presents. I got my first slr when I was just out of college, a Pentax K1000 and with that I learned basic concepts of manual photography. I recently bought a digital slr Konica Minolta 5D and also use a Panasonic Lumix DMC with 12x optical zoom.

All photographs on my site were taken by me unless stated otherwise and are copyrighted.

I have two grown children, one 25 and one a college junior. I also have one husband who works in downtown DC. As for my pets, I have two cats, a Maine Coon, and a tuxedo; and two parrots, a Timneh African Grey and a White-Capped Pionus.

Plus, lots of deer!


jane austen, maryland, draw, i live in montgomery county, 1954 aside from gardening, study literature and poetry, henry james, about an hour from the nation's capitol. we moved here in 1993 and the property is 6.4 acres. both husband and i are maryland natives. favorite authors: henry mitchell, mirabel olser, e.m forster, barbara pym, and many others. birthday: august 31, i like to sing classical music, and take photographs (especially of gardens).